Knowledge is Power!!! Help us empower them.

Have you ever come across a child in Primary 6 who still finds it difficult to construct a simple sentence in writing? We have, severally. This is called functional illiteracy. This is not due to any learning disability on their part, instead we find that the common denominator in most cases is a poor Educational background whereby they were not properly taught to recognise and construct words.

In response to this need, we launched Alchemy Book Club for Kids (ABC4Kids). It is a Free Weekly Children’s Book Club aimed at teaching Educationally disadvantaged kids to read fluently and write legibly and intelligibly while also equipping them with the right attitudes and values.

This platform is run by volunteers who are Qualified Graduates from different walks of life but with one common passion – Transforming lives.

For more information, please call us on 0909 215 4646.