Transforming Lives and Society positively in honor of God


To consistently act as a catalyst for positive change, growth and development in society through the promotion of the good news of God’s kingdom by executing and supporting programs / platforms that would transform the lives (Spirit, Soul and Body) of the most vulnerable, needy and underprivileged people in communities


A. Christian: We are Christian – we follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ by

i. Showing love to our neighbors (irrespective of race, gender, creed or nationality): caring for Children, Orphans, Widows, Missionaries and all needy & underprivileged persons.

ii. Bearing witness of the good news of the Kingdom of God.

B. Accountability: We are Stewards who make ourselves accountable. We take good care of the resources given to us as well as ensure all our reports on our activities e.t.c. are transparent and open

C. Partnership: We partner with those who share our passion to transform lives and society. We believe in the power of team work / partnerships.


1. To inspire and challenge people (i.e. members, volunteers and people generally) unto good works of service in communities towards underprivileged persons by providing a platform for these volunteers to promote the good news of the Kingdom of God and thereby fulfill part of their assignment / purpose on earth

2. To mobilize and provide support for orphanages, orphans, abandoned babies / children, widows, widowers, vulnerable children, homeless and underprivileged persons e.g. food, clothing, shelter, access to health facilities, education, setting up resource centres e.t.c

3. To create an environment where abandoned babies, orphans and destitutes can receive care and nourishment, education and total development thereby giving them hope and meaningful future

4. To mobilize and provide support for Christian missions / missionaries in rural areas especially in Nigeria and Africa and also to other parts of the world

5. To establish mission and outreach centers in unevangelized regions of the world and to send missionaries to such places either directly or in partnership with other Christian ministries or mission agencies/organizations

6. To support and engage in charitable activities that extend love and care to the poor and needy e.g. Food, Clothing, Shelter e.t.c

7. To support and promote programmes through the media, conferences e.t.c that focus on youth development in order to address societal issues that plague youths and children e.g. mentoring programmes, educational programmes, HIV (Aids) and substance abuse awareness campaigns, teenage pregnancy prevention programmes e.t.c and safeguard their right to meaningful education

8. To ensure effective implementation of Child’s Rights Act 2003 (CRA)

9. To support and establish welfare programs that liberate and rehabilitate people who have been abused emotionally/traumatized to enable them live fulfilled lives and achieve their God given assignment/purpose

10. To carry out campaign / support for the provision of small scale, sustainable agro projects and skills acquisition in communities to alleviate poverty

11. To provide Health and Education facilities, safe water, sanitation and other social amenities for development purposes

12. To collaborate with other charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities for the furtherance of the objectives of the organization and for similar purposes

13. To engage in charitable activities that helps the poor and needy by establishing welfare amenities. Such amenities shall include but not limited to schools, colleges, hospital, orphanages, recreational and vocational and skill acquisition centers.

14.To provide awareness, education and orientation needed to reduce and possibly eradicate the incidents of sickle cell disorder